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 Hello and welcome to OO La La Boutique!

 I have studied, researched and done alternative health, body & skin care for over 30 years for myself and family.

 In my quest for chemical free good health I have also researched alternative healthy skin care and hair care. I do believe that you are what you eat and put on your body and it will reflect in every part of your life including your health, your skin, hair, nails and emotionally also. 

 Most commercial products are loaded with harsh chemicals and those chemicals do more harm than good. And even if they do have some good ingredients in them they still have many harsh chemicals. And it is a fact that anything you apply to your skin is in your bloodstream in less than 30 seconds. Really is kind of scary if you read labels of some of the skin care & hair care products out there! 

 I know there are many people like me who are very concerned about this and do not want to put the chemicals on or in their bodies or pollute our water, our environment or our planet.

 I believe that we can give our bodies the best with healthy chemical free, natural, biodegradable products and am dedicated to providing the highest quality products that benefit the body both physically and emotionally.   

On my web site you occasionally will see home decor items because I also sell, design, repurpupose, build and have a passion for that  so I will also offer some fabulous home décor items for sale on my site.

Enjoy and have fun! :)

 Please let me know if you have any questions! Customer service is our priority!!!

A redesigned piece I did & sold

I love shabby farmhouse chic & started building or repurposing furniture years ago. Some examples

l love shabby farmhouse chic  & you will see redesigned repurposed items here too!

And another

Not only do I have wonderful pure good for your health skincare, I also build and sell unique items!

Not only do I have wonderful pure good for your health best skin care products, best natural chemical free skincare and best anti aging cream, I also design, build, sew, make and sell other unique items!

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